Karma Can Kiss My Ass

By Thomas Hubbard.  
Published on Monday, June 17, 2013

This installment of Monday Unleaded is a concept piece, and not intended to be taken literally or offensively. Thank you for reading, and have a productive week!

Western culture is a product of many. Its universal credence makes it wonderfully colorful, and yet, confusing and contradictory. Some ideas simply breach the common sense clause. Ideas like Karma: A concept from Indian origins, used ineffectively in Eurocentric society. To quote President Barack Obama in his debate against Mitt Romney, The math just doesn’t add up. That’s why I often say “Karma can kiss my ass.”

The truth is that Karma, or, the idea of one’s condition based on moral quality, just doesn’t add up. This isn’t an attack on any belief or custom and shouldn’t be taken as such. The model of this text represents the school of free thought, which is sometimes necessary to break the cycle of emotional thinking.

Is Karma a true principle, or just some man-made concept to keep the little guy in check? To keep him doing what society deems as “appropriate.” The reward factor of Karma is eerily similar to the Santa Claus conspiracy; I can see why the Man would want to maintain a stronghold of this magnitude. While we were pinching ourselves to see if mommy was REALLY kissing Santa Claus, the Man had gone and come back from afar with another concept to keep us in line.

I’d like to believe moral behavior actually counted for something, but I just haven’t seen it. Again, the math doesn’t up. I can think of many atrocities, both historically and in my lifetime, that have gone unresolved. Does Karma not see the imbalance and suffering of humankind? Is it somewhere plotting how to make things right? I’m more inclined to think Karma is somewhere sleeping. Perhaps Karma is on Mitt Romney’s payroll.

How a check from Mitt Romney might look.

One thing’s for certain: The oppressor, past or present, isn’t thinking about Karma. His only concern is growing wealthier, and he will do so by any means necessary. Say what you will, but it’s worked fine for him so far! You might even find the same for his entire lineage. So why is the burden of moral quality placed on the little man? Why should he condemn himself for surviving, or fear Karma is coming for his head? If Karma is that partial and blind to human suffering, then Karma can kiss my ass!

Since it was not a principle that built Western culture, it’s fair to assume it has no place in it now. I believe people reap what they sew, but that people also reap what they don’t sew. Take the farmer, for example. Does he not plant corn and reaps weeds along with it?

Karma in Conclusion

I commend those who strive to do the right thing. I encourage them to continue doing so—out of love for humankind, and not out of fear of some man-made concept. Heaven knows someone has to be the salt of the earth! Do the right thing, and survive at the same time. And should Karma suddenly decide to take action, treat it like you would a thief crawling down your chimney. Wait on it with a loaded gun.

This is your Monday Unleaded for the week of June 16, 2013. Have a productive week!

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