The Capitalist and the Scholar

By Thomas Hubbard.  
Published on Monday, September 23, 2013

Progression is synonymous to Earth’s rotation. The course of society has always been forward: Backward and lateral are directions most often despised.

From this we can define life, which is to thrive in it’s every aspect. Not only growing stronger, but richer and wiser. But in our quest to build strongholds lay the dilemma of invulnerability: Protection from the ills of society and just removal from our fellow man.

Such is the case of the Capitalist and the Scholar. The two, while often dueling, are actually susceptible to the same strands of admiration and abstraction. One seeks the amassing of money and material possession. The other seeks debate and ongoing study. Both are revered to the point of celebrity, which in turn, compromises their humanity.

Perhaps this misfortune belongs solely to the Capitalist, who becomes something of a freak in his pursuit for world conquest. Somewhere along the way, he grows oddly suspicious of everyone’s motives. Is the praise at all genuine? Can the admiration be taken for face value, or is it really a platform for his hanging? Failing to question his own motives, he becomes obsessed with the spoils of life. Oppression is his defense mechanism. He begins singing his own praises, and in many ways, is the author of his own sideshow and mockery.

It could be argued that the Scholar’s misfortune is even greater. His love for intellect is immediately reviled and tendered useless in the “real world.” From the start, his ideology separates him from the general population, which strives to be more like the Capitalist. But is it just his ideology, or his somewhat disregard for the social norm? After all, the solution to most problems is found within the problems, themselves—not in text books or mathematical formulas.

So which ideology is the correct one? No one is particularly fond of a know-it-all, and the same can be said for the has-it-all. Yet, most people fall into the wants-it-all category and hardly know enough.

As the Earth continues to spin forward, let’s incorporate both Capitalism and Scholarship into our daily efforts. A balance of both disciplines not only promotes wealth, but ongoing research of one’s greater self. This building of personal credibility is one of the most prestigious reward there is.

This is your Monday Unleaded for the week of September 22, 2013. Have a productive week!

Song of the Week

Nothing says “Scholarship” more than DJ Premier’s “Regeneration,” which mixes the architecture of classical music with the struggle and braggadocios of Hip Hop. Courtesy verse from one of my favorite emcees, Sir Nasir Jones!


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