Get to the Point!

By Thomas Hubbard.  
Published on Monday, February 25, 2013

Imagine people are automobiles in continuous transit. Imagine you’re on top of a building, looking down at these vehicles as they go about their way. Their paths intersect and sometimes adjoin. Even though some may end at the same point, we know that each vehicle has its own agenda and purpose.

We can also see that each vehicle is different. Traffic comprised of colors, shapes and sizes! Those of us with families are the sedans and SUVs. Others, who are faster and freer, are the motorcycles and sports cars! Some are luxurious like a Cadillac or Mercedes-Benz. Others are economical and carry heavy loads.

In real life, automobiles often reflect who we are. Sometimes they show our fantasies from different points in time. Others expose our hardship and aspirations. The true value of an automobile, however, is based on a very specific rule: The ability to get to the point!

The ability to move forward and get to the point!

My father is a mechanic who has literally owned every vehicle there is. He loves cars, but his possession of so many has perhaps led him to a modest reckoning of them. He often says that regardless of condition, make or model, the value of an automobile is its ability to move forward. To go from Point A to Point B, and so forth.

Like automobiles, our task in life is to progress: To go from point to point, and to cross different paths along the way. All of us have this capability, but fail for the same pretentiousness we apply to our vehicles. Maybe we don’t like the way we look, or how we sound when we speak. Maybe we feel inferior or think the load we carry is too heavy. Many times we simply undervalue ourselves.

Stop wasting time looking around you and get to the point!

All too often, we place emphasis on the wrong things. We spend too much time worrying about who’s watching us, and even worse, watching other people. We concern ourselves with the journey and rarely get to the point. This same distraction is the primary cause of auto collisions. It’s impossible to go anywhere looking left, right, or behind.

So in pursuit of our individual missions, let’s keep our focus straightway! Safe and successful travel requires attention to the details that lie ahead. So what if you could stand a new paint job! Whether you run hot and shut off, or squeal like a pig when you accelerate…keep looking ahead and get to the point!

This is your Monday Unleaded for the week of February 24, 2013. Have a productive week!

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Drive Slow – Kanye West featuring Paul Wall, GLC, and T.I.


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