The Puppets Hypocrisy

By Thomas Hubbard.  
Published on Monday, April 22, 2013

Puppets come in every shape and size. Some are stuffed and sewn together, and some are conceived as human beings. Some are unique and handcrafted, while others are mass-produced and sold at fair market value. The latter of the four are at higher risk for Pinocchio syndrome. That is to say “the Puppets Hypocrisy,” or, the condition of exaggerating the truth and criticizing others for being exactly what they are themselves.

Who knew puppets were capable of such hypocrisy? Those poor, wooden souls who long to be “real” and free of the strings from which they dangle! But to compensate for their freedom, they’ve found showboating to be a much more viable solution. Condemning the dummy controlled by his master’s hand keeps everyone from noticing their own strings.

The Puppet's Hypocrisy

We’ve all encountered a puppet or two in our lifetime. They exaggerate everything. If they aren’t bragging about how much money they make, they’re playing “Good Samaritan” and broadcasting it to anyone who’ll listen. For the puppet, having an opinion or personal belief isn’t enough. It’s either law (as in, I’m right and everyone else is wrong) or conspiracy (I’m awake and everyone else is asleep).

For these reasons, we can conclude puppets are neither open-minded nor social. Yet, they’ll argue otherwise because they have a presence on just about every social media website. But instead of using this access to foster dialogue and relationships, they’ve discovered bickering with “friends” to be much more meaningful. All their Instagram photos look like mug shots, and their home page is full of YouTube videos with subjects like Proof that Barack Obama is a Muslim Terrorist, and pity-parties like There aren’t any good men/women out there!

A puppets hypocrisy is an exaggeration of the truth; a critiquing of others for being exactly what they are themselves.

Geez, talk about puppet! If you’re looking for an empty suit, you needn’t look for the nearest elected official. Don’t even look at your co-worker, whom you may have written off as a peon or pet. How about taking a long glimpse in the mirror?

The truth is that we’re all in the same game. Like it or not, everyone is a puppet to a certain extent. No one is above rising for a hard day’s work, or lying down to do it again the next day. Each of us is driven by something—be it good or evil; love or hate; or fear or certainty. Sometimes we sell ourselves short and look to others to make our lives better or complete. We all suffer a case of the puppets hypocrisy.

And it’s that very hypocrisy that keeps a puppet from being “real.” He’s hindered by his own mendaciousness; the strings about his arms and legs soon become his noose. Give it time and he’ll hang himself, which is equally disturbing if you happen to fit the description. Perhaps you should spend less time criticizing others and more time searching your soul. Yes, that poor, wooden soul!

This is your Monday Unleaded for the week of April 21, 2013. Have a productive week!

Song of the Week

This is one of my all time favorite songs by the late great Frank Sinatra, entitled “My Way.” Enjoy!


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