A New Lease on Life

By Thomas Hubbard.  
Published on Monday, April 1, 2013

When you’re driven, there aren’t a lot of things can stop or slow you down! Driven people don’t catch colds; we get the sniffles, and cure it with a good sweat at the gym (mainly because lying down is inconceivable). We’ve also built a strong immunity to setbacks. They may shake us for a moment, but we eventually get over them and go that much harder!

But somewhere along the way—amidst the 10 or 20 planets you juggle so effortlessly— a monster called Stress sneaks and knocks the living wind out of you! And just like that, everything stops. The planets you were juggling are scattered into oblivion. You’re left with high blood pressure, or some other stubborn ailment. You are no longer concerned about business, careers, or anything of the sort. All you want is to feel better, or, a new lease on life.

The scenario reminds me of a milestone in comic book history, where the indestructible Superman met his match: A killing machine appropriately dubbed as Doomsday. The year was 1992 and the whole world had gone X-Men crazy. I remember never being interested in Superman until I got word of his expected demise. It got every kids attention, because no one believed Superman could actually die.

Fact: No one believes Superman can die until he actually does. If you are “Superman” in this case, then now is the time to start considering a new lease on life.

Innocence certainly has its own license. The truth is that superheroes exist beyond comic book pages. Many times, they are our parents, role models, or famous people we admire. Other times we fulfill this role for others. Every superhero seems indestructible until some unexpected event exposes his or her mortality. I like to call this the “Superhero Syndrome.”

Death isn’t always a trip to the grave. More often than not, it leads to a new lease on life.

Thankfully, the event is rarely death (Superheroes are known for having multiple lives). They may go down and be absent from the scene, but they eventually return with a new lease on life! And when they resurface, they are usually better than ever!

This doesn’t mean they are capable or even compliant of doing the same things as before. We may find they only juggle five planets at once now, or stumble a bit when reflecting bullets from their chest. Some may choose to stay completely out of the line of fire. Can you blame them? After surviving the wrath of Stress and Doomsday, what more should you have to prove?

When Superheroes “rise from the dead,” they have a better understanding of their humanity. They realize life must be a balance of recreation and responsibility. So the next time you see Spider-Man taking a nap on the side of a building, let him rest. Allow Superman a moment to check his blood pressure and take his medication.

If you or a loved one have been granted a new lease on life, be sure to live it to the fullest! Let’s take better care of our Superheroes as well as ourselves.

This is your Monday Unleaded for the week of March 31, 2013. Have a productive week!

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