Thanksgiving: How Being Thankful is the Unwritten Rule of Success

By Thomas Hubbard.  
Published on Monday, November 25, 2013

In observance of Thanksgiving, I figured my readers would want something holiday-related for this week’s Monday Unleaded. Something with the right balance of festivity and inspiration! But after 44 installments of sharp (and often challenging) content, I understand why many would think I’m so not the guy for the job. The truth is I’m not! This post is my humble effort to contribute to a holiday that so many hold dear to their hearts.

And rightfully so! ‘Tis the season of turkeys, bells, and other traditions which bring out the absolute best in people! I must admit it’s a remarkable time of year, even for those of us who choose not to participate. And that’s when I began thinking. Even if one doesn’t formally celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, each of us, regardless of our dogma, has much to be grateful for.

I know I do. I am blessed beyond measure, and have achieved much in the short time I have been here. But I have also had my share of challenges. I have faced numerous issues, and have spent the majority of 2013 working toward a brighter day. I am certain that people from all walks of life have stories similar to my own.

Which leads to the question I pondered before finally settling on this topic: How does one tie the concept of Thanksgiving to the pursuit of happiness and success, regardless of how we choose to define these things?

When you think about it, being thankful is the unwritten rule of success. It’s when the hard work stops and a person takes a moment to appreciate and enjoy all they have. It’s a point we each desire, yet never seem to reach. In many ways, our capitalist society forbids it, making exemplars of the rich and famous, and those richer and more famous than they are! If only we could realize that all people—rich, poor, and in-between—ultimately suffer the same paradox.

It could be argued, therefore, that being thankful is not only morally and spiritually good, but the deciding factor in whether or not we are successful. Because if life is solely based on the cycles of working and wanting, and not being grateful for the things have, then what have we truly accomplished?

I reckon I will always be the same ol’ militant me: One who shies away from man-made tradition while aggressively chasing the dreams of my heart. But I have also grown. I have learned that thanksgiving and success are one in the same. I am grateful for all I have achieved, and even more grateful for the family, friends, and good life I’ve been blessed with. I wish this same success for each and every one of my readers.

So whether or not you celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, I encourage you to be content with what you have. Take a moment to hug and thank your loved ones, and to enjoy those things in your possession. I can’t think of a better way to begin wrapping up the year. It’s truly the perfect opportunity to seal your success.

This is your Monday Unleaded for the week of November 24, 2013. Have a productive week, and a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday!

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