The Truth About Time Travel

By Thomas Hubbard.  
Published on Monday, March 18, 2013

The concept of time travel is old and bewildering, involving the backward and forward movement between different points in time. Proponents of this theory argue that quantum tourism, through technology, is analogous to moving between different points in space. In some ways, they are correct. Both time and space reveal the truth about time travel.

Time machines and sci-fi movies aside, the only known device capable of time travel is the human mind. Proof of this is the Life Review theory, often associated with near-death experiences. The sequential flashing of one’s life proves that no memory is ever “lost,” and that people are travelers of both time and space.

The human mind is undoubtedly a powerful tool. With it, people relive past experiences that can affect their present state. Likewise, forethought and fear let us glimpse into, as well as predict, our futures. We can conclude, therefore, that a successful journey through time and space is dependent on how we shape our thoughts.

Art Imitates Life

The Truth About Time Travel - Back to the Future Promo

Do you remember the Back to the Future movie trilogy? The story’s protagonists, Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett “Doc” Brown, traveled through time in a customized DeLorean DMC-12. Both were tasked with altering past events in order to reshape their present and future realities. Even though the plot grew outlandish with each installment, the premise of the story reflects a certain truth about time travel.

Like the DeLorean DMC-12, each of our minds is a unique model and the only one of its kind. It also has the ability to take us anywhere, not excluding the past, present, or future.

The truth about time travel is that you CAN alter the past by shaping your present thoughts…

Let’s say a person endures a childhood tragedy that is ultimately responsible for their present condition. The event produces a series of misfortunes, leading to a future of fear and uncertainty. The person relives the tragedy over and over, and each episode seems crueler than the last.

Then one day, the person decides to change their reality. They travel back in time to face the tragedy that’s held them captive. While they have no bearing over what was done, they exert their power of acceptance, and decide then-and-there that the tragedy will no longer affect them negatively. Back in the present, the same person is now able to move forward with a new outlook on life.

Acceptance, forgiving others as well as ourselves, and learning from our mistakes reveal the truth about time travel, and are ways to alter past events in our lives. Equally, reliving good memories can create better ones, so long as we realize that everything changes.

The Truth About Time Travel - Which Will You Use to Alter Past Events?

Accepting Change

The Successful Time Traveler realizes that everything changes and moves through time and space accordingly. They know the truth about time travel; they accept the past, live for the moment, and plan for an abundant future. Others are not as fortunate.

Some people resist change and get left behind. It’s a well-known fact that some things simply don’t work as they used to. The common cause of poor results is the use of outdated rules in new systems.

Similarly, some people don’t allow others to be who they’ve become. They interact with them based on how they choose to see or remember them. Take the parent who views their adult child as if they were still three years old, for example. If there are such things as “clashing realities,” this certainly fits the description! The truth is that time changes, as do people and things. Nothing ever stays the same.

Knowing the truth about time travel provides an agenda for the future

Although we lack direct influence on past, and often, present conditions, each of us have the power to envision a better future. The future isn’t as grim as most sci-fi authors would have you to believe! With an equal amount of planning and flexibility, we can ensure an adequate future for ourselves and our families – even as the end of time and space draws exceedingly near!


It can be argued that every person travels through time as seamlessly as they move throughout points in space. As such, life can be thought of as a continual process of time travel: Visiting the past to make appropriate revisions, shaping our present day thoughts, and planning for a successful future. The Successful Time Traveler is not only flexible enough to perform these tasks, but masters them in the process!

The Successful Time Traveler knows the truth about time travel.

This is your Monday Unleaded for the week of March 17, 2013. Have a productive week!

Song of the Week

Nothing says “time travel” like Tupac Shakur’s classic “Until the End of Time!” Listen to the lyrics and enjoy! RIP to one of my favorite poets!


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